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Three-part TV Series - The Ties that Bind Us (SABC TV 2)

Three-part TV Series - Mapangubwe: Voices from the Valley (SABC TV 2)

Book: Lenses on Cape Identities - Exploring identities in South Africa (Dibanisa Publishing)

Book: The Lie of 1652 - A decolonised history of Land (NB Publishers Best Seller)

Book: A Man called September - Coloured by Decree; Liberated African by Heritage (Biography Reg September)

Museum at the Castle of Good Hope: The Camissa Museum Project on the 195 roots of origin of Camissa Africans (aka 'Coloured')

camissa museum team

            Patric Tariq Mellet                               Angus Leendertz                                  Calvyn Gilfellan                                      Colin Jones                                  Linnemore Nefdt

          Historian-Researcher                         Project Leader-Curator                      CEO Castle of Good Hope                        Museum Consultant                          Design Consultant

camissa  museum

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